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Saudi businesses of all types

It delivers a range of features that enhances your HR operations and streamlines your HR resource management.

With Injazat HR you can keep your human resources division organized

Simplify the operations of the human resources division.

Update organizational records.
Document employee performance reviews.
Set up employee pay scales based on position.
Establish assessment standards based on position.
Record attendance timings directly from the employee's cell phone.

Easy paycheck generation and payroll reports

Issue monthly payroll by department, section, or cost center.
Adjust monthly payroll to include lateness and absence penalties in accordance with work schedules.
Increase monthly payroll by including overtime and additional working hours.
Deduct loan installments from monthly payroll.
Create the bank's monthly payroll report in compliance with the necessary bank format.
Get the "Wage Protection System" report from the bank and upload it to the "Mudad" platform once the bank pays employee salary.
Notify employees through SMS or email when their salaries are paid.

Injazat HR dashboard alerts

Avoid penalties for renewing employee documents late.​
Avoid penalties for renewing establishment documents late.​
Follow-up on employee requests (leaves, Loan advances, letters).
Track employees on leave by department.
Report employees with more than five years of service and 21-day vacation leave.

Employee leave management

Calculate leave duration based on the employee worked period.
Calculate leave-month salary (make a financial leave clearance).
Stop salary issuance to employees on leave.
Track employees on leave.

Setup Employee Contract and termination

Record employee benefits and deductions
Keep track of loan advances and on their settlement
Employee End of Service calculation

Muqeem to Injazat HR

Update employee ID, Iqama, and passport-relevant data directly from Muqeem to have the latest and most accurate employee data in Injazat HR database.

MUDAD-Complaint Payroll Issuance

Generate payroll issuance reports as per bank formats for the following banks:

Saudi National Bank
Al-Rajhi Bank
Alawwal Bank
Alawwal Bank
Bank Aljazira
Saudi Investment Bank
Arab National Bank
Alinma Bank

Once payroll is paid to employees the bank issues WPS (Wages Protection System) compliant report which can be uploaded to Mudad.

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For a fulfilling experience managing human resources

The fundamental elements include information on the employer and the employee, the employee's contract, earnings and deductions, performance reviews, experience histories, trainings attended, dependents' information, and vacation request histories
All employee documents are created into an electronic archive by the system, which enables files to be scanned and stored as PDF or JPEG images (such Iqama, passport, certificates, etc.)
Establish the departmental, sectional, and cost center structures for the organization; this makes it easier to create an easy employee structure and enables thorough reporting by department, section, or cost center
Detailed records of employee contracts, including information on the kind, length, and number of annual leave days, as well as the bank account number to which the employee's salary will be transferred.
Quickly preparing forms and letters, such as experience certificates and letters notifying employees of their salaries. When a letter is required, it can be written once and then combined with the employee's information.
Salary calculations are based on the benefits and deductions listed in the employee file, while additional benefits and deductions may be added manually, imported from an Excel file, or posted from the attendance system (mobile attendance).
Each employee can receive a direct email or SMS with their pay notification.
Employee pay for both Saudis and non-Saudis can have Social Insurance salary percentages entered to enable automated calculation of values.
Get a full report on all employee documents one month before expiration date. These include any employee documents that has an expiry date associated with it
Likewise, a full report of all establishment documents due for expiration a month from the report request date.
Keep track of the status of all employee requests, approve those that are pending, and reject the rest.
Keep track of the status of all employee requests, approve those that are pending, and reject the rest.
Identify all leave categories, including annual leave, paid and unpaid leave, and sick leave, and credit the proper amount of leave to each employee.
Determine the employee's entitlement to leave and ticket amounts based on the time worked.
Easily handle employee requests, such as those for leave, advance notice, authorization, etc.; this enables the request to be followed up on and notifies the employee of the acceptance or rejection by an SMS text message delivered to their mobile.
Keep track of any loans given to employees and the installments that will be deducted from their pay. Loans may also be subtracted from the benefits received at the end of service.
End-of-service benefits are computed in accordance with Saudi Labor Office laws, and they may also include other perks and deductions. They cover contract termination, dismissal, and resignation.
Simple text template setup enables SMS communications, such as salary information, to be sent directly to any employee's phone.
To preserve operational integrity, each system user's account can be set up to enable access to only certain screens.